Cthulu vs. Kaiju

Cthulu vs. Kaiju

By: Mitchell Lüthi
Narrated by: Anna Capraro, Scott Miller


It's been years since the first Emergence, since the first specimen of the kaiju scourge awoke from millennia of dormancy beneath the sea and wrought untold devastation upon the cities of man. Much has since been lost, but a great deal gained, too. In the crucible of extinction-level events, a new breed of super-soldier, capable of interfacing with the beasts, was born.

We follow Captain Reynolds and his crewmates, Kiyo and Maks, seasoned kaiju pilots with many an averted disaster beneath their belts. To them, saving the Earth is just another day at the office, and they thought they'd seen it all.... Until the balance begins to tip in favour of a new threat, of a being far more ancient and powerful than they have yet encountered. Everything is in place. The stars have finally aligned.

In Cthulhu vs. Kaiju, epic fantasy author Mitchell Lüthi has penned a love letter to both cosmic horror and kaiju with a single stroke of his pen, and harnesses the chilling ambience of At the Mountains of Madness and the action-packed ostentation of Pacific Rim. This one will leave you breathless, and clawing at your ears for the voices to stop.