By: C.L. Werner
Narrated by: Anna Capraro, Scott Miller


Another village has been found in ruin, with only the massive prints of a monstrous creature left to identify the culprit. The Honengyo has turned upon the people of the Hoshin clan, and only death and destruction will sate its appetite. Left with little choice, Lord Torogawa calls upon the infamous wandering samurai, Shintaro Oba, to deal with the beast. But can he and his demon-killing sword, Koumakiri, prevail against something as old as the very mountains themselves? And what of his own personal quest for vengeance?

C.L. Werner's Honengyo transports us to feudal Japan, where quarrelling clans and treacherous assassins leave chaos in their wake, while cunning sorcerers and demons align with one another to bring about a new order.

With music and sound design by Kristian Gerstner and Mitchell Lüthi.