The Meridian Watch

The Meridian Watch

By: Mitchell Lüthi
Narrated by: Anna Capraro, Scott Miller, Paul Casselle, Tim Redman


Midstadt used to be a monarchy. Until it wasn’t. Now, 100 years after the blood of the last king flowed from the steps of Parliament Square, another rotting empire has the jewel of the Ragged Sea in its sights. It means to bring them into its fold, to swallow up the fledgling republic before the fires of its industries can sweep across the world.

But in Midstadt, they’ve found something…something they shouldn’t have…

While anarchists wage battle with monarchists beneath the streets, and war brews in the South, Sergeant James Delwar and the officers of the Meridian Watch begin an investigation that will take them to the distant heights of the old aristocracy, and to its very depths. It’s not just the city that’s at stake, but their souls, too.

Black powder squares off against black magic in this epic dark fantasy police procedural starring Scott Miller, Anna Capraro, Paul Casselle, and Tim Redman.