The Zealot: Book Two of the Plagueborne Trilogy

The Zealot: Book Two of the Plagueborne Trilogy

By: Mitchell Lüthi

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Greater Virren teeters on the brink of collapse...
The continent writhes in the throes of a deadly plague. Great cities have fallen into ruin, and bands of godless marauders stalk the lands unopposed. As the survivors emerge, it seems the whole world has taken one final breath before the plunge into darkness absolute.

The Whispered Words of a Witch...
Far afield from the fires of Lunburrow, its intended victim vanished, Katarina and Tannhauser bear west in search of “the source.” With the stakes higher than ever, they must contend with cunning members of the provinces’ crumbling upper crust, the threat of infection, and forces altogether more ancient and powerful than they can as yet conceive.

The Wolf at Their Heels...
Wrenched from the jaws of death, Ezekiel lives. With renewed vigour, and an unlikely companion, he dogs their every step in relentless pursuit of vindication—and vengeance.

The sequel to The Ritual, the gripping inauguration of Mitchell Luthi's Plagueborne Trilogy, The Zealot builds upon the intrigue, suspense, and gritty realism that made the debut so enjoyable. The latest addition to an exhilarating fantasy series, The Zealot is a must-read for fans of character-driven stories and heart-racing action sequences.