Write Like Hell: Dark Fantasy & Sci-Fi Anthology Vol. 2

Write Like Hell: Dark Fantasy & Sci-Fi Anthology Vol. 2

Mitchell Lüthi, Scott Miller, Justin Probyn, Brett Allen-White, Nicholas Woode-Smith, Kevin Murray

From the far-flung corners of space, to the darkest recesses of the human mind, Write Like Hell: Dark Fantasy & Sci-Fi Vol. 2 features a carefully selected collection of short science fiction stories from both new and established authors. Tales of madness, and of discovery, of war and of isolation, the stories found within these pages explore the very nature of mankind, and the technology that drives us ever onward, toward the stars.

Featuring stories from Brett Allen-White, Justin Fillmore, Kevin Murray, Justin Probyn, Mitchell Luthi, Nicholas Woode-Smith and Scott Miller, as well as illustrations from Stephen Spinas, this compilation boldly attempts to leave its own mark on a genre beloved by many.


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